BR1 MINI Antennas MIMO or Diversity?

Are the antennas for the MAX BR1 Mini are operating in MIMO mode or in diversity mode? So far I understood we have a diversity mode which means the 2nd diversity antenna is only to improve the reception of the signal by putting the antennas in a distance of n x apart from each other.
MIMO indicates a parallel transmission on both antennas.

Which one is the right estimate?

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

It’s diversity on LTE variant, MIMO on LTE-A variant.

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I just purchased a MAX-BR1-MINI-LTEA-W-T, and I’m curious about orientation of the antennas, as it has two SMA plugs labeled Cellular Main and Cellular Diversity/Aux

I’m using the included antennas. What should I do?

  • Main oriented veritcally and diversity at a 90 degree angle (e.g. horizontal)?
  • Main at 45 degrees and diversity at 45 degrees (so there’s a 90 degree angle between them?)
  • Main and Diversity both vertical?

This is what I do (purely for aesthetics as I like the way it looks) until the antenna hinges work loose and then I hot glue the hinges vertical.

Since the Aux antenna is receive only on a BR1 MIni and due to carrier aggregation will be receiving a different frequency that the main antenna you on’t need them out of phase.