BR1 Mini and BTC Bahamas LTE

We have a BR1 Mini in the Bahamas that worked fine using one tower (LTE) and then we traveled south about 100 miles and are using a different tower and cannot get an IP address (not sure if it is still LTE). The settings show a strong cellular connection but the router will not obtain an IP address. The SIM card works fine in a cell phone at the same site and receives cell data with no problem at all. We sent in a diagnostic file to tech support (who have not been able to find a solution yet) but have heard nothing back since sending it in. I have the diagnostic file available (tech support is not able to remote in because the router is not online). Thank you for your help.

Your case was escalated to engineering team for further checking. I will follow up with you in the ticket once I got the feedback.

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Was this resolved? I have the same issue.


Please contact local Peplink partner to get help on this.

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