BR1 Max with speedfusion Hot failover

**Consider **

  • a BR1 Max connected to a poor quality cable modem Internet connection as the primary and Verizon 4G as the secondary connection.
  • VoIP is running over these connections
  • Failover link detection time set to extreme

If the cable modem never fails, what can I expect for (connection maintenance) bandwidth usage on the 4G?
If the primary is bouncing, how can I keep the connection on the secondary for say minutes?
Can I define only the VOIP to use the 4G?


The usage on LTE should not be high. We don’t have such measurement. You may test it out if needed.

You may need to model that support SpeedFusion Bonding like Max HD2 and above. Advanced feature of SpeedFusion Bonding can help to mitigate the problem.

We are exploring this feature now. Anyway, it only available on the model that support SpeedFusion Bonding.