BR1 max mini (5G)

Might I ask if pepwave plans on putting 5g cellular capabilities in the br1 max mini? If so when might that be.

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I don’t think it would make sense to, as the hardware resources on a BR1 Mini would not be able to support the speed increases 5G offers. We’re much more likely to see a brand new upgraded small 5G model at some point and I expect it will be bigger than the mini.

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From our perspective a 5G compatible BR1 mini would make lots of sense, its not necessarily about throughput its about avoiding congested 4G infrastructure.

Yeah that’s a fair comment. The LTE-A Pro modules in the Transit are making a massive difference to our rural deployments because of the additional carrier aggregation on additional frequencies.


Yes, id love to buy the new transit minis but unfortunately there’s still not an APAC model. Any idea when they will eventuate?

you risk reaching the price of a transit duo CAT12 … What would you pick between the 2 ?

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Band 71 would be nice.

Yeah. Transit Duo every time.

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I would pick the bri mini because the fleet I am installing them in can not afford any sort of recurring fees. I am under the impression that the transit line requires fees. I need a device once set up will remain functional for over ten years at no additional cost.

You’re talking about primecare - you can buy the non primecare version of the transit. Or i bet you could speak with your account manager and do a deal for 10 years of primecare upfront.

Unless you are using Speedfusion, the primecare units will still function fully after year 1, they just won’t be under hardware warranty, support speedfusion or be accessible from IC2.

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