BR1 issue with IPSec tunnel after firmware update

Hello. I have been having multiple issues with my IPSec tunnels that I’ve set up between my BR1 and a Sophos UTM (speed issues being the main one). I recently tried to update one of my BR1s to the firmware version 7 and it appears to have established the tunnel, and I can ping the BR1 from the remote end, but now I’m unable to ping it from the local side. I factory reset it, and recreated the tunnel on both ends, and was able to connect, but again, I’m not able to ping it from the LAN side, only from the remote side.

Is there something different that I need to do after updating to version 7?

Also, are there any tricks to getting my vpn to operate at a good speed? For example, my remote sites have charter cable modems and can do speed tests of 60/4 when not connected to the VPN. When I have the vpn established with our corporate office (version 6.x firmware and 100/100 connection), they only do speed tests of 11/1.5.

Any help on these two issues would be greatly appreciated.


Please open a support ticket here for support team to verify the issue.

Thanks. Will do.