BR1-ENT : Does it support Japan GSM SIM Cards?

Hi Team,

Does anyone have any experience to advise if BR1-ENT is compatible with Japan GSM SIM cards?

We have a client who would like to bring 1 unit over to Japan to perform some POC trials.

I tried to look at the link below, but it seems to refer to USB stick modems

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Eugene Chee

Check out this website
GSM World Coverage Map- GSM Country List by frequency bands (tells you the frequencies used in each country)

I believe Japan has the same type of SIMs as the rest of the world? (Normal, Mini and Micro)

Hi GNO-2014
Thanks for the tip, I’ve tallied the specs with this web site and got a match.

I am also interested in using this Japan. However, it doesn’t seem like it is listed on your site.

This current thread seem to suggest it is supported from a technology perspective. Do you have any certifications that I can reference so I can use the product in Japan (FCC and others…)?

Hi @kenichiwa

Could you please send us a sales enquiry describing the details of your deployment and requirements? See the “contact us” form here:

Our team will surely be able to help. Thnx.

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Just want to follow up on this again…
Is it on the product roadmap yet to get the VCCI certification on Peplink products?