BR1 3g dropping connection

hi i have the pepwave MAX BR1 3g with software 6.0.2 and the router surf soho with software 6.0.3, when i connect to the sim card it showes full bars but the connection lasts about 2-20 mins (random) then droppes off and it says cannot reach web admin then when i refresh the page it wont connect at all and showes timed out, this also happens when i try to connect to the surf soho router. when i connect the BRX1 to a wifi connection it is much more stable but will still drop of once or twice in 24 hours. so far i have been turning the BRX1 on and off from the mains and this seams to work 70% of the time the rest i just have to leave it for 20 mins about and it will just work again. is there a system update or is my box just opn its way out.
thank you

Look like the firmware running for the devices is very old. Would you please upgrade the devices using the latest firmware that can be supported by the devices and verify again the status ?

You can download the latest firmware and archived firmware by using the URL below: