my unit wont wont register DHCP clients using the 7.0.2 firmware I tried to default it back nothing is there an known issue if so whats the fix to this

There is no known issue so I would double check everything on your side. Thanks

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hi @Tim_S, this issue occurs in one of our customer’s setup and has just been confirmed with our premiere partner @mldowling (Marcus D.). So basically, after upgrading B1 to 7.0.2, clients on multiple VLANs were not able to obtain IP addresses and resorted to autoip 169.254.x.y. Reverted back to 7.0.1 and works fine again. Logs, diag files etc. will be emailed for further investigation.

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Hello @Tim_S,
We have only seen this issue with the Balance ONE routers and it appears to only affect the VLANs based on our current field tests.
The issue does not appear on any of the other models of routers that we have running with customers.
Will put the full info together for the support team.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

@mldowling, we didn’t encounter this issue before. Please open ticket and enable Remote Assistance on the device for further checking.