BPL-380 - HTTPS Port Mapping, please advice


I have multiple devices behind the BPL-380 which Web UI needs to be “exposed” to the WAN. Built-in web servers are HTTPS, Port=443 fixed. (can’t be changed)
When I forward Port 443 to the local IP of one device, everything works fine.
But when I introduce “Port Mapping”, HTTPS request does not go through.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thank you.



Do you mean that no traffic hits the 192.168.1.x webservers at all? Or do you get a https error message in your browser when you try and connect?

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I hope you don’t mind my asking (and building on Martin’s question): There is no firewall or ISP policy between the B380 and the world that blocks port 7000 on the WAN port of the B380 from being accessed from the outside?



It looks like traffic hits the web server but page get stuck in the “loading” state.
Something is not getting resolved somewhere…



No firewall. It does not have to be Port 7000, I tried different ports…




Please perform packet at the B380 verify whether the traffics is port forwarded as intended.

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