Bouncing Cable Modems and SpeedFusion

We are trying to use SpeedFusion for a VoIP solution to remote clients. When we are using Speed fusion, the connection failover to the 4G on our BR1-ENT happens within 1.3 seconds. You can barely hear the drop in audio. We love this. The only issue we have is when we use SpeedFusion is with a bouncing cable modem.

We would like a health check we can enable that verifies the WAN is up for a set amount of time (X Minutes) before recovering back to the WAN. This exists for the regular WAN interface, but when using SpeedFusion, the Link Failure Detection Time overrides the Health Checks we put in, and immediately defaults back to the WAN when the connection is available. Then, if the WAN bounces again every few seconds, the 1.3 second audio break occurs each time as the failover takes effect.

Over half of the internet in the US is provided by cable and the shared architecture causes the service to bounce for a multitude of reasons. It could be as simple as your neighbor plugging in their new modem, or a technician unplugging and plugging cords in a mile away. We wish to provide a solution that has quick failover, and consistent audio.

Yes this is reasonable. As a workaround, actually SpeedFusion will only use the WAN if the WAN health check is good (i.e. WAN showing green light on Web Admin Dashboard), you can configure a longer “Recovery Retries” for the WAN so SpeedFusion will use that WAN only when it become stable. Does this work for you?