Bought BPL-ONE but got BPL-ONE-CORE - is there easy fix?


I bought a BPL-ONE from amazon. I specifically ensured that it had wifi. When setting it up, I realized that I received the wrong product. I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to solve this through firmware so I dont have to return the thing?
  2. If I have to return it, how can I guarantee that this wont happen again (do you recommend a vendor)?


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If the product delivered is not what you were paying for then I’d return it, regardless. There might be an opportunity here for reevaluating your setup, but I’d keep that process separate and independent from the process of ensuring that you receive what you bought.
For recommended sellers, Peplink identifies their set of trusted partners at

I have had occasion to purchase or otherwise get service from the 3G Store, Frontier Computer and Microcom. All three have been very service minded and a delight to work with. I am sure the same holds for the others on the list.

Thanks everyone! The AP approach would be good, except that I did pay the 100 extra for the wifi, so I think I will just return and try something like 3G instead of amazon since they will be better at issue resolution. I will also ask them to make sure its the right one prior to shipping. I wish peplink had the routers for sale in more brick locations. Thanks!