Booting differing firmware versions on the same router

What is it?

Peplink and Pepwave routers are equipped with two separate firmwares and are capable of booting between them. This is particularly useful for when you require two different versions of the firmware to exist on the same device, e.g. for testing or for redundancy purposes.

How to use it.

It is possible for the user to manually reboot into a different firmware version. To do so, go to InControl 2 and navigate down to the device level:

Hover over Settings, then click on Firmware Management

Here, your router’s current firmware is displayed. Under Applying Firmware, choose “Reboot to last firmware” in the drop down menu. Click Save to apply the changes and your router will (non-destructively) cycle to “last firmware” version.

What else?

You can also downgrade your firmware (at your own risk) to the most recently available versions. These are listed in the drop down list of firmwares that can be applied to the router.
To downgrade, pick a version to downgrade do.

Then make sure Upgrade only is NOT ticked. Save changes.

Please note that if you open a support ticket, you’ll be required to be on the latest firmware.

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