Bonjour forwarding / mDNS forwarding feature: does each rule imply forwarding in 1 direction or both directions for a given pair of vlans?

Does the MDNS Reflecting or forwarding feature on Balance 20X reflect MDNS data of devices from one VLAN to another VLAN (i.e. in 1 direction) or does it reflect between both VLANs (I.e. in both directions)?


Speaking from product ignorance, here :wink: I couldn’t find mention of MDNS in the Balance 20X User’s Manual, but…

ISTM it’d have to be two-way. When a device broadcasts a service availability request, devices that offer services that match the request parameters broadcast service availability responses.

@James_Seymour Bonjour Forwarding. I believe most routers require specifying the Bonjour/mDNS forwarding for each desired direction (e.g. FortiGate‘s do) for any given pair of VLANs.

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