Bonding only mode?


I have been trying desperately to work out how to connect to third party VPN providers now that the Netgear R8000 I was using (flashed with DD-WRT) has been replaced by a Balance 580.

Peplink doesn’t support OpenVPN in any way, as far as I can tell, so I started to look for alternatives.

Having decided to get a Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch to handle my switching requirements, I just discovered that the EdgeRouters support third party VPN without any problem.

In my case, the 580’s ability to bond 5 WANs together was its main selling point, and I am not prepared to give that up.

However, is there any reason I couldn’t switch off all of the 580’s other functions (firewall, DHCP etc.), and let an EdgeRouter perform those tasks instead?

if so, or if anyone has done something similar, can you please point me in the direction of some instructions?

Finally, I believe I have to beware of double NAT-ing. Anything else?

Thanks for your time, Edward

I think I’ve solved this problem, and it’s as simple as setting up the Balance 580 in “Drop In” mode.

If anyone knows of anything else of which I should be aware, please let me know. Thanks.