Bonded Transit


I am using 2 sims as my WAN and have the fusionhub hosted with AWS. I noticed that when one sim (Verizon) has a solid connection and has a strong signal that its performance can be deteriorated by another SIM in the bonded setup who’s cellular connectivity is not as stable. I am not sure why this is, even though I have been utilizing WAN smoothing. Any recommendations on how to make this better please let me know. This problem seems that it could be easily corrected.



After further testing I have also noticed that when using cut-off latency it does now work. I assume this feature is supposed to prevent data from being sent down a wan connection that has a higher latency than what has been set. This feature does not work properly it seems as if only the upload gets limited while download data continues to be downloaded from the crippled connection causing connectivity problems. I also ran across a connection that was on and offline consistently due to the signal being horrible, this behavior also created connection problems for the WAN connection that was stable through the bonding process.


Hi Matt,

You are right. Cut off latency applied to upload only if you just configured it on remote site. You may consider configuring on HQ as well.


How do I do that? I have configured the transit side and would like to configure the fusion hub side but I do not see where to configure the individual sims.



Hi Matt,

Please find the screenshot below.


Thank you, but that option is not available in my fusion hub, how do I enable that option?


Never mind, I figured it out, I will test this to see if it does what I am looking for it to do. Thanks again


So I have been testing this feature and really not having accurate results with it. Besides the upload and download not really being minimized when the cut-off latency has been exceeded, if I configure the fusionhub side I only have one setting for all and cannot configure each of the remote WAN connections individually like I can on the remote side (cut-off latency values for each SIM card I am using). I am also still seeing that when I have a bad signal on one SIM and a good connection on the other the overall connection is still being degraded substantially compared to if I was just using the one good SIM only. I am hoping that you can help me resolve this because I don’t believe this is the results that using the bonded systems are supposed to have.



Hi Matt,

  1. How you noticed Cut-off latency is not working? Managed to capture screenshot on this?

Fyi, FusionHub has 1 WAN interface only. So, you don’t see the same settings as your remote Max router. Can you provide screenshot of the SpeedFusion profile settings for both units?