Blocking outbound HTTPS for specific user


I’m planning to buy the new peplink 305. One of the function I really need is blocking users from accessing https:// addresses . Not everyone but some users.
Is it possible to do that without doing a rule per user ?


Hi Boukob,

Under the Firewall tab you can create an outbound firewall rule that can accomplish this. Protocol will be HTTPS, source will be IP or IP Range and destination will be ANY. By setting this rule to deny you would disallow any outbound traffic to HTTPS for your designated IP’s. If you would like to see this on a demo of the Peplink Balance interface please visit this link DEMO

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Thanks, Mike

thanks for your help
How about blocking specific https website (like for example) and not the others
and still for some specific users on my network !

Hi Boukob,

Web Blocking is available on the 305 and above. This feature will allow you to deny access to certain sites like By creating User Groups (Manager, Staff and Guest) you can allow certain IP’s or IP ranges to be exempt from the rule so that it does not cover all users.

I hope this helps.


ok I understand

but how about :

Blocking and for only specific users on the network (not everyone)
Not blocking


Hi Boukob,

Yes, it is possible to block various sites like when at the same time allowing When doing this, you can also choose specifc users on the network. It does not have to be a rule for everyone.


Dear Michael

thanks a lot for your help but on this pages Peplink | Pepwave - Forum it says Secure web (HTTPS) traffic is not supported. **
So I don’t urderstand how to block http
S**:// and not httpS://


Hi Boukob,

Can you explain to me why you would want to block but not

If you would like to speak in more detail please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank you,

I think you misunderstood my point

I want to block both http and httpS:// for Specific users on my network
but I don’t want to block other httpS websites

And I don’t understand how is it possible when your website state that httpS is not supported by web blocking.

Please note that web blocking and firewall rules are separate features. Outbound firewall rules in the Balance will allow you to use a domain name for the destination to block.

Hi Boukob,

You are correct, the web blocking feature does not block HTTPS but the Outbound firewall rules will allow you to do this on HTTPS.