Blocking OutBound Audio from Smart Devices

Is there a way to block outbound audio from Smart devices. I have a Samsung TV that responds to voice commands. I’ve followed the instructions for turning off the microphone, but assume there are ways that outsiders could turn that microphone
on. Any way to block the network packets that would return the audio from my house?

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No not really. Your samsung tv (depending on its age) transmits a mix of binary data and xml files when its doing captured audio analysis. This is sent to an internet based server/service on port 443. Most of your smart tv apps will need to access other services on 443 (like netflix and plex and iplayer and others), so you can’t just block that destination port in your Peplink, and if someone was really keen to listen to your audio, they would likely obscure that anyway on 443 or 80 to a remote capture server.

My advice would be to disable voice recognition on the TV system menu then plug the physical mic opening on the TV’s case with blu-tack or similar - in the same way people cover their webcams with tape.

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