Blocking everything but email through one uplink

Hi there,
I’m using a Balance 30 to failover between a broadband connection, a 3g connection and a really expensive satellite link. I’d like to block bittorrent over the 3g link and everything but email through the satellite link.

I’ve been looking at the outbound policies. If I force all traffic to the broadband connection… then allow balancing between the broadband and 3g for web traffic, and then balance mail traffic (25 and 110) through all three connection, will that achieve the effect I’m looking for?

The satellite connection isn’t available until it’s manually connected… so I’m not worried about excess traffic going through it by accident. So my question is this: if I have a policy that directs all traffic to WAN 1 and then have a higher priority policy to set mail traffic to go through all connections, will that effectively block web traffic through WAN 2 and WAN 3 and just allow the mail?


The outbound policy rules are executed “firewall style” from the top going down to the default rule. If a traffic type doesn’t match the first rule it looks at the next rule and keeps going down the list, if it doesn’t find a match then the default rule will apply.

ok… so that is a yes? I want to know if I set a rule to direct traffic to a connection that is down will it block it or allow it over whatever is available?

If you choose the “Enforced” algorithm it will do exactly that, traffic will get directed to that WAN connection regardless of its up/down status. If it is down or disconnected, that traffic isn’t going nowhere - browser will timeout.

If you want to have the ability to fail-over to a different connection, then you would choose the “Priority” algorithm and arrange the priorities of your connections to your liking.

Hope that helps!