Bit torrent Traffic

I would love a feature which can allow us to send all Bit Torrent Traffic through a specific WAN.

Thanks Guys

Moreover, this feature should also have option for blocking torrent at all :wink: I hope it will be easy because currently Pepwave MAX can detect torrent /some other type traffic - next step is to create policy for firewall to block it or allow only through specific WAN.

Hear, hear.

And BT blocking for MAX… are we using it to load balance multiple 4G/3G in a mobile office environment or how is it like?

Our application is rather mobile WiFi on transportation, where really every bit is very valuable - so we do not waste throughput for any unnessessary traffic when moving. Load balancing is more like additional feature in this case, it is hard to realize because of only 2 SIMs onboard. When transport goes abroad (and travels through more than one country) there is really need for cut off BT and if possible, add more SIMs, at least 4.