Bind specific VLAN to Cellular Backup Only

I have multiple Balance 30 LTE and each device has several VLAN’s. For Cellular backup I want to bind only one of the VLAN’s to permit that VLAN to use the cellular data backup.

Our system is setup to provide POS support VLAN but also an admin VLAN and WiFi VLAN. In the event of an ISP outage we only want to support the POS VLAN for the cellular data backup and provide no backup Internet for the Admin and WiFi.

Is this possible and if so where would I make the setting changes?

Thank you, Tony Baucom

What you wish to do is entirely logical and can be easily accomplished via “Outbound Policy.” I don’t have access to a B30 LTE at the moment but you should be able find it here …
What you see on your GUI may be slightly different but not much.

If you take a look at the manual for your device here you’ll see descriptions of the various algorithms which may be employed. (I’d also recommend ensuring you are using current firmware.) It’s really pretty simple to create useful rules and one may note that the router will interpret them sequentially “from the top down.” If this makes no sense let us know – someone will certainty help you further.

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