Better 3G diagnostic and usage information

In the Dashboard on my Balance 30 web interface whilst there is useful information available for the WAN interfaces (e.g. IP address, default gateway, DNS etc) there isn’t the same level of detail for the 3G connection.

Could we have the same information for that connection.

Also is it possible to have an indication of the signal strength of the 3G connection? At the moment I need to remove the 3G USB modem from the Balance 30 and connect it to a PC to check the signal strength (which is a bit of a pain).

Finally the Reporting Server functionality doesn’t show any information relating to the 3G connection.

Any comment of this?

Hi Heath,

This varies modem by modem. For some of them we can easily get this information and for others we cannot. It has more to do with how the modem interacts with our device via USB. When possible, we always try to show this information.

Thanks -Tim

We’ll add the signal strength info on the reporting server in the next release. More 3G/4G related info will be available.

Ah OK, If I was to see any information for my modem then what type of information would typically be available and where would it be shown?

Thanks Alex

Nice post. I like it. Thanks for sharing these information. Keep it up.:cool: