BETA Firmware going official?

Hey guys

Am running the BETA firmware build which is due to expire on Fri Dec 13 09:59:59 EST 2013.

Just wondering if you have a official release date for this firmware yet? It’s been running perfectly since installing it, and i want to ensure we’ll have the current BETA functionality moving forward from that date.


Hey Richard,

Glad to hear the Beta firmware is working out good for you. There is no official release date yet, but the current functionality will remain intact.

Hi again Tim

2 weeks until the current firmware ( build) will expire according to our devices.

What happens when it “expires”? Does it stop working?


WoW! Expiring BETA FW? Now I’m extra glad that I stayed clear of the Beta. What happens when the Beta expires, does the hardware self destruct like something out of Mission Impossible? :wink:

6.1 public beta is going live in a few hours :slight_smile:

When a beta firmware expires, the router will continue to work as normal. It’s just that the UI will be locked to show only the firmware update page. From there, you should upload a newer beta or the GA release.

is the new version of 6.1 out yet? if so where can i download it at?


Yes the beta firmware is out now. It can be found in the following link. The new beta firmware that can be downloaded will be in the Eval guide (located in the link) Peplink | Pepwave - Forum!

does this work for peplink 20and up?


Located in the Evaluation guide in the above mentioned link will be the firmware updates which includes all of the Balance Series Routers.

ah great , but there is not link to download it from with wht you sent me just a picture of the features. thanks

If you look towards of the bottom of the post there is a clickable link called Evaluation Guide -

thank you very much

Hi Scott,

We sent out a customer newsletter to announce 6.1 beta. I thought you would have been on the list.

To get the public beta, please go to