Best way to mount mount max br1 pro 5g

I’ve recently purchased the max br1 pro 5g. what is the best orientation for mounting the unit in an rv… ( no external antenna yet)

cellular antennas up, down, to the side? Or does it really matter?

I was told that the WiFi antennas should be pointing up

any suggestions are appreciated

If you’re using the standard antennas included they will be vertically polarised and are just standard omnis.

Best way to imagine that coverage pattern is like a donut shape with the antenna in the middle.

Vertical orientation will typically give you the widest coverage area, but if you’re mounting this up against the side of a vehicle that will change the coverage somewhat.

if you plan to add external antennas in the future I’d suggest making sure however you mount it you leave enough clearance to get the connectors and cables connected.

Thanks for the reply. I have an entire cabinet reserved for “computer stuff”. So I am somewhat flexible.

what I think I’m hearing is: best choice is to place the unit flat on the bottom of the cabinet, with all the antennas pointing up. Correct?

next year, i will install a 42g, then can move the unit around.

Here is how I have mine mounted to the wall panel under my bed.

I have Panorama antennas roof mounted. The one on the left is my “main” and those wifi antenna are typically used for wifi-wan, however sometimes it turn on AP mode if I’m not using wifi-wan and want to extend my client-side range a little. The one on the right is providing “client wifi” and I bridge VLANs between to make the wifi on the right a client of the one on the left (simplified explanation).

That looks great, I hope to do that next year when i install the external antenna.

I’m looking for guidance when using the built in antennas