Best way to beat a noisy environment

Hi Everyone
I’ve got a bit of a long stretch which I’m hoping you might be able to help me with.

It’s a stretch as I have never been aboard the boat and I’m trying to figure out what’s happening from afar.
The boat has an LTE HD2 is getting about 3Mb download, and 15Mb upload (laptop connected via lan, no other devices), and is showing the below signal strengths - no real change when on the other 4g band (band 7)

My original thoughts were that there was too much noise in the area which might be causing the higher upload than download speeds - but with the SINR of 15dB, could this be the case?

I’m inclined to ground out the unit somehow, but am not sure of the best place to do this on the HD2 - there’s 3 terminals on the power connector, is one for earthing purposes?

I also thought that it could be a cell site contention issue, but phones aboard seem to be working at higher bandwidths. One difference however is the sim card is by a budget company using Orange’s network - Is it possible the orange cell tower is kicking off the other network (simyo) before the orange network customers?

I know there might not be a huge amount we can do to help with the crew aboard are under some severe pressure to sort something out, so I’m helping where I can.


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I’m not sure about most of the questions in your post, but here’s a photo of the HD2 earth point…

I did find an article (here: which suggested that MNOs do prioritise their traffic over MVNOs, so you might be right regarding your final point…

Hope this helps.


Fantastic, thankyou for your help!

I have a system on a boat and regularly get .5-1 mbps down and 10+ mbps up. the cell tower is congested in my case and the carrier knows it (after several escalations over 2+ years) and is now finally trying to resolve.

i’d find out if the plan is pre or post paid and whether subject to throttling / depriorization (and if so, at what threshold)

if you want to test, best way is to remove variables. test same SIM (or another SIM on same plan at similar GB used, i.e. below any thresholds if applicable), in a device with comparable modem (i.e. carrier aggregation / MIMO applicable?), on same band, at same time. try to compare apples to apples instead of apples to oranges.

Yeah I believe this has been going on for a few years in this location too, Ibiza in the summertime. Where was your trouble port?
Part of the issue is they have a cheap, but new, stand alone module for the crew which I believe is running better than the considerably more expensive Peplink. I suspect it is Carrier Aggregating which is how it is running faster, but it’s a big step to recommend an upgrade to the LTEA peplink without firm proof it’s going to work…

Your LTE vallues are fine, Its not your signal.

  • set correct APN in the unit
  • area could be congested with users
  • your provider is narrowing your bandwith

With B class providers we see in some cases they narrow down your speed to save costs for themselves like with unlimited data plans. Best way to test is get a grade A providers simcard that uses the same network. Then test if it makes a difference.

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