Best solution for remote web UI access

Hi, I am looking for using a Pepwave MAX BR1 or a Pepwave Transit as a main Internet gateway on some sites.
I just need to be able to manage the Pepwave in order to verify the SIM data usage and some other configs remotely.
What is the best solution since the mobile network will not release a public IP? I think there are different choices. I am thinking about these two:

  1. Buying an OpenVPN licence for the Pepwave and create a VPN to one central OpenVPN server (on premises or in cloud) then use the tunnel to reache the admin page of the Pepwave

  2. Use the IC2 service, but I do not understand if it is included in MAX and Transit or if they need an annual licence

Thank you for your suggestion and help.

Hi @Manny. Welcome to the Forum! Both solutions would work fine. You could also have each router in the field make an outbound PepVPN or SpeedFusion connection to a “hub” location (that’s often what we do when we can.) IC2 is included with a router purchase for one year and can be renewed at a nominal charge thereafter. It’s also included with a PrimeCare subscription if you happen to buy a PrimeCare device.

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