Best practices for MAX BR1 Mini behind Balance One

What is the recommended WAN Health-check settings to use on the Balance One router for the attached MAX BR1 Mini in IP Passthrough mode?

Topology: MAX BR1 Mini (IP Passthrough) > Balance One WAN2 port

  • there are 4 other WANS in use on the Balance One that are all VSAT links providing a public IP address via DHCP to the Balance One

The BR1 gives the Balance a private IP (192.168.50.x) until a cellular connection is established, at which time BR1 passes a public IP on to the Balance. I have the BR1 setup with the SmartCheck WAN Health-check and the Balance is set to use DNS lookup with default failure/success counts & interval.

The problem is that the Balance shows the WAN as connected and active the whole time, even when BR1 doesn’t have a SIM card installed and is providing a private IP address.

Is there a way to view the routing tables of the Balance One?

For the cellular, try using PING or DNS look up to a site you trust (we would love to use “smart check” but its only available on cellular WANs)


Yes, I have it currently set to DNS Lookup to Google’s Public DNS servers, but it still shows as connected, even though it couldn’t possibly be reaching via that interface as the MAX BR1 that is attached there doesn’t have a SIM card installed. Granted the Balance One is new, we previously had a Balance 20 installed here with 3 WANS and anytime the health-check failed the status would change to “Disconnected”. What’s up?