Best practice to set up 'Health Check Settings'?

I am currently using the default settings but there is an issue recently:

The gateway of ISP 1 is not working very well and therefore it takes much longer time (a few seconds?) to reach most websites and even no connection at all. However, the default settings still thought ISP 1 is healthy and did not switch to ISP 2.

Could you please share what is the best practice to set up ‘Health Check Settings’? Thank you very much.

Hi Jason,

Please find here to understand more on Health Check Mechanisms Against Link Failure.

Your internet connection will failover to ISP2 after 30 seconds if your health check settings as below. You need to fine tune the Timeout and Health Check Retries.

Timeout - 5 seconds
Health Check Interval - 10 seconds
Health Check Retries - 3

My current setting is even more strict than your recommended set up, but it won’t work because the DNS/Gateway link is working, but the connections to other websites are the problem.

So I think the correct solution may be to change the check method to HTTP.

Hi Jason,

Yes, you can change the health check to HTTP if you are more concerning about the HTTP traffic whether can pass-through the WAN link. Peplink device are support Ping, DNS lookup, HTTP, SmartCheck (Cellular) for the WAN health check and you are allow to change the settings base on your network requirements.

Hi, sorry to bring up an old thread. Is there a preferred health check method over the other? Or should we use it as listed, Ping then DNS then HTTP?


There is no preferred health check method need to be used.

Make sure the health check servers is reliable enough then you should have no issue for the WAN connection.

Thank you