Best InControl Group Setup Practices


We manage routers for a decent amount of customers for QOS on two different VoIP platforms. Right now we have our routers in separate groups under each business name. We have settings that are across the board for each VOIP system (QOS and Firewall). It looks like the only way to manage the routers firmware and other settings are to have them in 2 big groups with all routers for one VoIP provider in one and the other VoIP provider in the other instead of individual companies with only 1-3 routers. Looks like the only way to move the routers is the delete from the old groups and readd them to the new one. Any Suggestions are welcome. Am I thinking correctly on this?


Hello jsharris,

Are you moving the routers within the same IC2 Org, or are these in different Orgs?

If they are in the same Org but in different groups, you will not need to delete the routers and readd them.

On the Group level you’ll see an Edit button (1) at the bottom of the Device List. Check boxes will be added to the Device List. Select the device(s) that you’d like to move and click on the Actions button. Move to… can be used for moving devices between Groups.

If you see text that says Manage…, you’ll want to click on that instead of the Edit button. The rest of the instructions will be the same.


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Ahh, I think that is where we went wrong. We set up our individual customers as organizations. Sounds like we should have had set them up for instance: two organizations Voip1 and Voip2 and then separated the companies with groups under each organization. Does that make better sense to do it that way to utilize group management better?


This is for sure something you could do. Or you could create one Org and manage everything under that. If the customer has more than one location, you can label them with each location’s name. This keeps everything in one location.

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