Best external antenna setup HD2 MBX 5G

What would be the best setup of external antennas for my HD2 MBX 5G. Should they be all the same braND and style or could I mix and match.

Hi Joseph. The router is essentially agnostic vis-a-vis antenna selection. All the router “cares” about is the signal metrics – SINR, RSRQ, and RSRP. So, it’s fine to “mix and match” to optimize signal. Now the actual selection of antennas is another discussion and is highly location/installation dependent.

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What type of location are you installing the device? A building/home? Mobile?

If its a fixed location you likely could benefit from directional antennas. If its mobile you need an omni antenna.

Its going to be mobile its in my RV

For the cellular connections a pair of Puma 401’s would work great!

ok well i just purchased 1 puma 421 to see how it goes