Best 310 configuration to manage an internal mail server


We have a 310 (5.3.9 build 1448) we use to balance three WAN (2 HDSL / 1 ADSL) and we NAT some public IP on private IP to publish some web servers and the internal mail server.

I would ask: is NAT affected by “Firewall in/out” rules and/or by “Outbound policies” ? Or all ports of NATted server is exposed to internet ?

Furthermore: is it better to NAT the entire mailserver’s IP or to “Service” only SMTP/POP 3 ports using “Inbound access -> Services” menu and opening the porst on firewall too ?

I hope i explaned … :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

The Firewall rules override the Outbound Policies and Inbound Services, so you will need to make sure the proper ports are open on the firewall.

Thanks -Tim

Thank you Tim.

Is also the “NAT Mapping” affected by Firewall ?


Yes, the Firewall rules override everything…