Barring Home Country of Sim


Hi Guys

I’ve been asked to post this here. Quite a while ago I requested a way to bar countries/networks from the unit. The country part of this has been implemented, works great and is massively useful to us already.

I have noticed though that you cannot restrict the home country of a sim (for example i can’t stop a UK sim working in the UK).

I would imagine this would be a fairly simple tweak and would help us a great deal. There are plenty of times when we like our sims to always be roaming so barring the home network of the sims in both slots would be very useful.




Hi @RoamingExpert, could you elaborate a bit more why you don’t want a UK SIM to work in UK, but want the UK SIM to work in other countries?


Hi Steve

Cheers for the quick response. Much appreciated.

When a sim is roaming it has more options available regarding the networks it can connect to. If the device the sim is in is moving around then a roaming sim
is much more likely to be able to get a good connection than one which can only connect to one network.