Bandwith usage report SIM A or B report

Hi Everyone,

A client of ours asked if it was possible to genare a bandwith data usage report based on the simcard a or B per modem.
As fas as we have seen this is not possible (yet) not via InControl2 Web GUI or the CSV generated file.

For customers in the maritime sector this could be very handy to check if the providers that bill them for their use can compare if this is correct. As these users use in most cases a large variety of global sim card providers to generate a global coverage for the best possible price.

Would this be an option to implement? Therefore i posted it in the feature request part of the forum :slight_smile:


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H Yannick - do it with SIM pools.They are perfect for this - even if each pool only has one SIM in it the reporting gives you what you want.


Hi martin,

Didn’t think of this, much appreciated!


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Hello Yannick (@Frontier_Netherlands),
Have you seen within InControl2 at the organisational level that you can filter down to the IMSI & ICCID?

The IMSI is different in our units between the A & B slots (as seen in this example), so we can use the " Per-SIM Daily Data Usage" to get the usage based on the IMSI.
These tools are also available at the Group level within InControl2.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys,

We tried both solutions with the end customer but they say that there IMSI changes.
So therefore they can’t do this reporting based on these numbers.
That is why they want to do it based on SIM slot A or B.

Could we maybe get this info via IC2 API?
I can see in the documentation that there are a number of calls available but again as far as i can see and understand (not a developer here) only based on IMSI numbers. Not the slot A or B type.


@Frontier_Netherlands, I think this is the main concern.

I believe the charges from the provider is based on the SIM card (IMSI) usage. Showing the usage from SIM slot will be less accurate. For example:

Slot A

  • SIM A: Usage from 1 Feb - 15 Feb = 5GB
  • SIM B: Usage from 16 Feb - 29 Feb = 3GB <— Customer changed the SIM card in slot A

So, the charges from provider A will be 5GB and provider B will be 3GB respectively in February. In this case, the SIM slot usage (8GB) is not truly reflect the usage on individual provider, as it should not be compared in the way you described. Please enlighten me if I have misunderstood the customer requirement.

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Hi TK, and other,

Comming back from a meeting with the customer this week.
There has been a communicatio conflict, they don’t mean using the acutal sim card slot A and or B for this usage but the actual SIM Card number.

They still seem to have a provider which can change the IMSI number on a particular SIM card, the sim card number is the only static number.

Would it be possible to add this to the SIM Pools?


Yannick, can I confirm the objective of the customer is looking for the total usage of a physical SIM card (even IMSI can be changed) from InControl2?

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Yes, correct!

Yannick, SIM pool from InControl2 should help with your case.

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