Bandwith graph stopped last year


I do have a peplink balance 310. Graph under System > Daily stopped drawing on 31.10.2016. Rebooting the device didn’t solve the problem. Is there some (on board disk) limit? How can I free up some space?

Thanks for your advice

Please upgrade to the latest firmware if you are using old firmware.

Please provide the screenshot of System Information (Status > Device) of Balance 310.

Upgrade firmware was not possible (license?).

Please ensure this unit was connected to internet and no time sync issue.

If you don’t have the issue above, then this is a known bug and has been fixed in v6.x. Since your hardware was obsolete. I suggest looking for local Peplink partner to do the hardware refreshment.


The device is connected to the internet and the time is accurate.

What do you mean by hardware refreshment? Buying new device? Or does Peplink partner exchange the board?

Please contact the local Peplink partner to buy a new hardware. They should able to give you a great deal.