Bandwidth Monitoring / Limiting

I have a pepwave transit max duo, is there any way to monitor / limit bandwitdth?

I would like to limit the bandwidth and/or be alerted when a certain amount is used or being used.

I know that there is options on the cellular details to be alerted when I use 75%/95% of my monthly usage but if I use 75% of my monthly usage on day 1 by accident, although this is nice to know - I’m still pretty screwed.

I would much prefer to set a daily quota and be emailed when I am near to breaching this. A monthly email warning does nothing but let me know that I am already screwed.

One way to do this is to use Custom SIM Pools in InControl. You can create multiple SIM pools with the same SIM in but with different allowances so you get notified at multiple periods of usage.

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