Bandwidth Hungry Specialty Vehicle connectivity - Speedfusion Bandwidth Bonding



  • Specialty mobile vehicle (such as mobile medical clinics, mammography vehicles, mobile command centers, mobile laboratories) deployed Mammography equipment is used to provide cancer screening programmes in rural locations. Scans are taken by in vehicle technicians and then transmitted back to their head office locations for review by healthcare professionals.


  • As much bandwidth as possible to speed up the transmission of high resolution digital images from the remote vehicles back to the customers datacenter.
  • The ability to use multiple cellular carriers dependant on coverage and bandwidth allowance.
  • Secure transmission of medical data over public internet links.

Solution Design:

  • HD4 is installed in the remote Mammography vehicle acting as the local internet gateway. It has 4 active cellular internet connections to the internet.
  • A Balance 380 is installed in the Datacenter - connected to the internet via fixed fiber connectivity.
  • The HD4 and Balance 380 create a secure SpeedFusion VPN connection (using 256bit AES encryption) between each other, allowing direct Layer 3 traffic routing between the remote in vehicle network and the datacenter network.
  • SpeedFusion bonds and aggregates the available bandwidth on the active cellular connections in the remote vehicle, increasing the overall bandwidth availability to speed up transmission of the digital images.
  • These images are stored in the datacenter on a connected file server for review by health professionals.

Future Expansion:

  • The Balance 380 supports up to 20 remote SpeedFusion Peers, so 19 more vehicles could be connected simultaneously.
  • The HD4 supports up to 8 SIM cards (with 4 actively used at any one time). SIM card selection can be based on contracted bandwidth allowance and/or coverage. Providing the best possible use of the data contracts.
  • The HD4 also supports Wi-Fi as a WAN. This would allow the remote vehicles to use any existing internet hot spot at their location as an additional bandwidth source (eg local business hotspots, service station wifi etc).

Devices Deployed: Balance HD4, Balance 380

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Please comment on outbound policy for the speedfusion tunnel. Priority, lowest latency? Are your SpeedFusion WAN connectivity priorities at the same level for all cellular providers? We use this setup in mobile applications but find a 3G connection brings down an LTE connection if both are in the same priority so bonding has a negative impact over LTE by itself. Just trying to find a good solution for a changing environment while on the move.


You can put all cellular connection in priority 1 in SpeedFusion profile and configure cut-off latency. If specific cellular connection’s latency hit to the pre-defined value, the cellular connection will be suspended temporary until it’s latency drop below the pre-defined value.

Hope this help.

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