Bandwidth control on Balance 310 and 210

I have multiple balance 310 and 210 at my work place. I have 2 environments in the same building, lab and production. I want to restrict the lab PC to 5mbs download/2 mbs upload and production has free reign. I don’t see anywhere that I can do this on the Balance 310 and 210. we are currently running firmware 5.3.12. Bandwidth control is an important feature because we always have guests and lab environment. we would like to restrict their bandwidth usage while leaving the production environment to use the max of the bandwidth. If the balance 310 and 210 don’t have the bandwidth control, then can we request to add this feature in to the next firmware update. thanks.


Currently we do have Bandwidth Control feature that is only available on the B305 and up on the following chart:

How about changing the bandwidth control so we can turn off a group? Even better to make it timed per my previous Facebook block comments. Maybe use -1 to totally disable Guest or Staff?

This doesn’t apply to just the 210 & 310, I’d like to see it on all the Balance and Max…