Band Reporting Absent

I have heard that there is a bug but I want to confirm here.

I have the Max Transit Duo with Verizon sim and AT&T sim.

In WAN Details, the AT&T connection always reports the band/s used.

The Verizon connection, when in LTE-A, never reports the bands - it is absent. It reports frequencies but no bands. In LTE (no aggregation) mode, the band is reported.

If this is a bug, when will it be fixed please?



Please open a support ticket and Support Team can help to check whether this is a bug.

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Ticket #20030434

I opened this ticket. The reply from Cellular Team Engineers (per Damni) was that my Verizon was successfully connected.

I didn’t ask if it was connected. I know it’s connected.

The ticket says that the Band numbers don’t display for Verizon - only the signal metrics. It is REALLY hard to tune bands with the Custom feature when you can’t see what they are. It was only shear luck that I determined that, although Band 13 is the strongest and the band selected by default, it is also the slowest - I gained 3X the bandwidth by eliminating Band 13 from the pool of available Verizon bands. They should display, just like the AT&T bands. This is a bug I think.

Please follow up. Thanks.

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@sitloongs Still no reply from support.

Checked the ticket and Support team replied. It’s a display issue via WebAdmin page and will be fix for firmware 8.1.0.