Band 14 on Max HD4

How does the Max HD4 determine when to switch to Band 14? When I look at manually setting the bands, band 14 is not an option but we bought a Max HD4 that is Band 14 compatible and have a Black Sim in the device.

Which HD4 do you have? Is it the MAX-HD4-LTEA-WF or the MAX-HD4-MBX-LTEA-R?

Asking because only one modem on the MAX-HD4-LTEA-WF supports band 14 (and is CAT12) I think and I’m wondering if you’re looking at a standard CAT 6 modem on yours at the moment when you’re unable to see support for band 14?


It’s the WF model, how do I know which modem supports Band 14?

Disregard I figured it out, I believe SIM 4 is the Cat 12 modem so I’ll just have to switch it over on Tuesday.

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