Balancing does not work with ADSL?


Using Peplink Balance 20.

I am balancing between an ADSL line and a 4G connection (over ethernet), using the Overflow algorithm, so the 4G connection is only used when the ADSL line is saturated.

However the Peplink Balance 20 does not overflow to the the 4G properly when the ADSL line is saturated. This seems to be because the router does not take into account that the ADSL line cannot be fully utilized in each direction. For example when uploading at approx 500 kbps on the ADSL line in question, it is almost not capable of downloading anything. So the entire site is without internet until the upload is completed.

I think what is needed for a proper balancing of ADSL lines is that the router should calculate the line utilization based on upload AND download, and then overflow, etc. based on that.

It is very frustrating to have the extra 4G connection unused, while the ADSL line is blocked by a single upload :slight_smile:

If I’m missing something here I’d love to hear about it.


Please set upload and download bandwidth in Network-WAN page and enable “DSL/Cable Optimization” (under Network- QoS-Application).

Thanks for the suggestion. Both are already set/enabled.

The ADSL link is connected with 15.3/1.8 mbit. The corresponding WAN connection in the Peplink router is set to 14/0.8 mbit (I am allowing for some overhead, and room for sending upstream ACK).

Increasing the WAN upload limit to 0.8 mbit actually helped a bit. Now the line gets unresponsive at a higher upload rate: around 0.8-1.0 mbit. So this is where I would like to utilize the second WAN connection, which is not being used at all. Should this not happen automatically?

When connecting directly to the ADSL router I can still download without much delay even when uploading 1.2-1.4 mbit.

So in a sense it seems that the Balance 20 router is making things worse AND not using the second WAN connection.

Perhaps I am overlooking or misunderstanding something here - I just don’t know what to do.

This is strange. DSL/Cable Optimization should help in your situation. Please open ticket for us to take closer look. Please attention the ticket to TK.