Balance20 WAN2 can't connect?


I have a new Balance20 and two working WANS. Both ISPs (Xfinity and Monkeybrains) work in the WAN1 port, but neither work in the WAN2 port. WAN2 detects the cable, but constantly reads “Connecting…” I’ve ruled out the actual CAT5 cables.

WAN1 and WAN2 have identical settings. Is there an additional setting in need to change or enable?



  1. Please ensure B20 is running latest firmware.

  2. Please connect laptop directly to WAN2 with IP configured on WAN2 and laptop. Please share the result.

  3. If step 1 above working fine, please swap MAC address between WAN1 and WAN2. Then connect Xfinity or Monkeybrains to WAN2. Please share the result.

  • To change MAC address of WAN, please go Network > WAN > Select WAN > Physical Interface Settings > MAC Address Clone > Custom > Enter MAC Address.