Balance Two does not display activity on connected LAN ports

I have a test install of the new Balance two. It configured with two connected WAN lines and two connected LAN lines. The WANs show up as Green and connected yet the LAN line are not displaying green even though they are connected and have connectivity.

Is there some setting I am of which I am unaware?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

If you look at the May 2020 manual for balance models You will see that the the lan/wan light does not come on if there is no connectivity or the link is running a 10 or 100 mb per second.


Thanks for the reply. The two LAN lines are both 1GB and both of them have connectivity yet the Balance two display on the incontrol2 website show the ports as not green.

Also the port speed is set to Auto. Should I set it to 1GB full duplex

Are you talking about in the web UI at ?

This is a known issue and has been resolved in FW 8.1.0.

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Thanks for the reply.
No am describing both the Incontro2 dashboard with the site selected and the status tab of the of the device itself when viewing through remote site administration using Incontrol2, Please see the attached snapshots.

As you can see both WAN ports are green indicating connectivity with 1GB lines The LAN ports are all Black even though two of them have 1GB lines with connectivity. All the LAN port speeds are set to Auto, the same way as the WAN ports.

I had this exact issue. FW 8.1.0 solves this.

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I had the exact same issue with a Balance Two, and based on this thread I upgraded to the latest firmware version (8.1.1). Afterward the ports disappeared altogether - the area where they used to appear was blank. So I downgraded to FW 8.1.0 and now they appear and seem to be working properly.