Balance REV & Release Notes?

I have a Balance 210, which I think is h/w REV 1.0. At least I fully believe it is. It was rated for something like 50Mbps max throughput or something, and is running fw v4.6.0 build 1050. I know I can update the fw to 5.x…not the question…

I have seen one or two revisions of the specs on the Balance line. While the model numbers are staying the same, the features and throughput seems to be increasing. That’s great, but I am looking to see if there’s some way to tell what “REV” each model is on, and if there’s possibly a Release Notes for them so I can see what got “bumped-up” and when?

Truly, I would love to upgrade my 210 to the latest REV, but last time I checked there was very little discount to an upgrade. With the latest specs, I think the Balance 20 would actually suffice for my SOHO; the only thing I would probably miss is “Drop In Mode”, but I can work-around that.

So is there any history to the hardware, and hopefully some corresponding Release Notes? I’m not sure why Peplink decided not to just increment their model numbers as they improved them…I’ll never understand marketing-types. :wink:

Thanks in advance,

Hi Aaron,

You should be able to see what hardware rev that you have within the interface under the Status Tab. An easy tell as well would be if your model 210 has a USB port or not (HW1 didnt have one and 2/3 does). It was at that changeover (when the USB got added) is when the specs increased to what’s currently listed on the site.

I hope that helps to clarify a bit, let us know if there’s something else to cover.

Yeah, no USB on mine, so I guess mine’s an original…a “classic.” :wink:

I think the throughput numbers have increased over the 2nd and 3rd generation for all models, no? I don’t think 2nd gen went to 100Mbps.

Hi Aaron,

Yeah, sounds like a rev 1 to me as well. The throughput numbers have increased for most of the products yes. Newer firmware and, esp in the case of the B210/310, hardware revisions have done wonders for the product.