Balance One with 6.1.2 : behavior of email notifications?

After some network trouble, I looked at my event logs in the Balance One and realize that one of my WANs was failing DNS checks frequently for almost a month. I believe I fixed it, but based on this I decided to enable PepLink email notifications. However, the user manual is a little vague on what this will actually do.

My question:

  • what events will I get notifications for? can I choose?
  • will I get repeated notifications? how frequently?

I’m considering sending notifications to my cellphone (using the ATT email to text gateway: <phonenumber> ) but I don’t want to enable this if I’m going to get bombarded with messages.


The feature Email Notification allows email to be sent to the listed recipient email addresses when the following events take place:

  • Email notification test
  • A new firmware version is available
  • Health status changes for any WAN connection
  • VPN status changes
  • Bandwidth usage has reached 75% of the allowance
  • Bandwidth usage has reached 95% of the allowance

For example if your WAN link is flapping, of course you will get repeated notification. The frequent of notification is depending on the WAN stability.


Additionally in case you have multiple VLANs configured with he new firmware that is coming out Peplink will look for the best available route and send the email from there and not from the default (VLAN1) interface.

Thumps up Peplink!

Charris Lappas

Hello, I hope you’re still looking at these forums. I am new to peplink, and need to modify the email notifications. If I change the email settings, will I lose any connectivity? I have multiple site to sites configured and users actively using the internet connection and don’t want to disconnect any of these.


This wouldn’t affect the internet connectivity.