Balance One, USB Modem - Ideas for extension cable

The Verizon MiFI 7730 is plugged into my Balance One as a failover device. See Balance One, both WANs dead, ideas for Cellular

This generally works great and was really easy to do.

The only problem: the Balace One is located in a rack in a server closet with only 1-2 bars of LTE service. It’s surprisingly good even with this poor signal, but still I’d like to get a stronger signal on the MiFi.

From the server closet to the Attic is about 15’ straight up and is relativley easy to run cable to.

What’s the best solution?

  • Leave the MiFi in the server closet, and run one or two antenna cables from the MiFi to the attic
  • Put the MiFi in the Attic, and get a USB extender cable. Does the Balance One use USB 1.0 or 2.0? What’s the maximum cable length? Can I use a passive cable or would I need an active one?
  • Put the MiFi in the Attic, with some sort of hypothetical USB->Ethernet dongle. Then run ethernet from there to the Balance One.
  • other ideas?

From what I’ve read, it seems like running long antenna cables is hard to get right.

One of these: has to be worth a try. Inexpensive USB extension from a reputable brand…