Balance One - Upload wans not load balancing correctly


Router: Balance One Rev 1
Firmware: 6.2.1 2014
Modem support: 1018

I have been using the balance one router with a single Wan connection but have recently added a second fibre Wan2 connection and a backup Wan3 4G LTE usb modem to my setup. Both wan1 and wan2 are identical fibre connections from the same provider - 152Mb down and 12Mb up.

I would like to load balance the upload traffic evenly across both wans but no matter which outbound policy I use (priority, enforced etc) all traffic continues to pass through wan1 only. There appears no way of correctly directing traffic through wan2 or wan3 (when set to always-on).

I have very little technical knowledge in this area, but will an inbound video streaming connection only upload via the inbound wan or will the router capable of Uploading via a different wan (with a different public ip)?

Again is the router designed to upload via wan3 4G LTE modem even without a public ip available?

I was hoping the Peplink router was plug and play but I have had no luck in making it function as expected.

Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide.

You mentioned an inbound video stream connection, but the rest of your post is referring to outbound connections. Please clarify in more detail…

Sorry for the confusion.

If a video stream connection comes into the server via wan1 can the balance one router upload the video stream via any of the wan connections available or can it only use wan1?

I’m trying to load balance the outbound traffic across all 3 connections if possible.

Ps I have set the bandwidths correctly in the wan configurations.


Thanks, so what you are really referring to is inbound load balancing not outbound. The Balance One (or any router for that matter) cannot take an incoming connection and route the return traffic out a different WAN connection, the internet does not work this way.

How are users connecting to your server, is it via IP address or domain name? Here is a link to our knowledge base article:

Thank Tim. I’m using a dynamic dns service configured with the multiple wan ips.

I’m running a server similar to Plex media server but was having issues with my current upload bandwidth so added an extra connection hoping the could load balance outbound traffic across multiple wans irrespective of which wan the request came in on.

Just out of curiousity, if this or no other router can load balance across wans why have multple wan routers (excluding service backup)?

Hi Tim, please ignore comments above.

Looks like this is my error!! I failed to allow wan2 connection in port forwarding config so only wan1 was activated for traffic flow.

I’ll test over weekend and report back.

Thank you for the super-prompt replies.

No problem, hope it works out :up: