Balance ONE tether to Franklin R850


I am constrained by Sprint and a 3rd party reseller to the use of either the:

Franklin R850 mifi
ZTE PocketWifi Mobile mifi

Documentation indicates both can be tethered to a PC or MAC via USB cable.

I have a Balance ONE and would like to tether to USB, however, I don’t see either of these models listed in the Peplink USB modem database. Did I miss it? Options?




Hi Lee,

Please follow the guide hereand open a support ticket, so our Engineering Team will look into the new modem driver request.

Thanks and regards.


Were you able to get it to work? I read elsewhere that the R850 cannot be tethered:


@learthur didn’t purchase those modems. If you confirm R850 doesn’t support tethering, then there is no way to develop the driver.


It apparently can, there’s a http://myhotspot/hidden menu on the Franklin R850 to turn on tethering! In the meantime, will have to use a ethernet to WiFi adapter (like what IOGear sells) to utilize it.

More info here:


Hack method :disappointed:

Comment given by forum user for the URL provided: “no responsibility if you or anyone whom uses this information with averse results”


I’m going to need the IOGear anyway because this Sprint 4G LTE modem only works on one side of my house…not the side my Peplink is in, unfortunately.