Balance ONE tether to Franklin R850

I am constrained by Sprint and a 3rd party reseller to the use of either the:

Franklin R850 mifi
ZTE PocketWifi Mobile mifi

Documentation indicates both can be tethered to a PC or MAC via USB cable.

I have a Balance ONE and would like to tether to USB, however, I don’t see either of these models listed in the Peplink USB modem database. Did I miss it? Options?



Hi Lee,

Please follow the guide hereand open a support ticket, so our Engineering Team will look into the new modem driver request.

Thanks and regards.

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Were you able to get it to work? I read elsewhere that the R850 cannot be tethered:

@learthur didn’t purchase those modems. If you confirm R850 doesn’t support tethering, then there is no way to develop the driver.

It apparently can, there’s a http://myhotspot/hidden menu on the Franklin R850 to turn on tethering! In the meantime, will have to use a ethernet to WiFi adapter (like what IOGear sells) to utilize it.

More info here:

Hack method :disappointed:

Comment given by forum user for the URL provided: “no responsibility if you or anyone whom uses this information with averse results”

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I’m going to need the IOGear anyway because this Sprint 4G LTE modem only works on one side of my house…not the side my Peplink is in, unfortunately.