Balance One - Support for USB Ethernet adapter?

I’ve seen a couple of forum posts regarding experimental support for USB Ethernet adapters (link). One post I had seen mentioned that other models were being looked at for driver support.

Does the Balance One support this feature? If not, will it support this feature in the future?


Please refer here for the supported model. No plan to extend this to others model at the moment. Anyway, Balance One do support add-on WAN feature in coming firmware release (license is needed). Believe this can help in your situation.

I saw the 5-WAN license knowledge base article. I will consider this an option, but I’m disappointed in the fact that it lowers the throughput of the Balance One. Does the license offer the ability to only enable 1 additional WAN port? Would the speed not be as affected if only 3-WAN ports (the original 2, plus 1 additional) are active?


Once license was activated, throughput will be reduced to 400Mbps.