Balance One Stops Routing

Setup: Balance One with 10 AP One Enterprise units.
Balance: FW 7.0.0 build 2742
APs: FW 3.5.4 build 1681

ISP: Gigabit service from Comcast. WAN1 always on static IP / WAN 2 cold standby w/ (separate circuit) static IP

Currently serves a handful of wireless clients until building opening. Setup works for about 30-45 minutes and suddenly stops serving the internet. Cannot access the router via inControl or GUI interface either. Must hard reset the balance before it comes back online…issue repeats. Error logs show nothing. Comcast tested their circuit(s) and say there is no issue.

I got so frustrated I swapped the Balance, disconnected the AP Ones, and WAN2 connection to troubleshoot. Issue continues… I tested the new Balance on my office network for 2 days without issue prior to swapping it at this location. Difference being different static and I do not have gigabit service.
Could it be the gigabit service causing the issue?

Can you confirm LAN user manages to ping and access the Balance One when the problem is occurring? If not, please open ticket for us to take closer look.

No, LAN users are unable to ping or access the Balance One when the issue occurs. I have a ticket number and am waiting for additional help: Ticket #769189

Since you have opened ticket, we will follow from there. Look like the Balance One is more stable after disabled the Wifi AP. We will keep checking on this.

Thanks for your patience.