Balance One Speed Question

We’ve just installed a Balance One and Comcast business level service (100/20). Outside of the router environment (eg. a stand alone PC connected directly to the Comcast modem), we have a computer which is consistently receiving speeds of 113/22. Behind the router, the server loses 30% of download speed (and just download - the upload speed stays at 22). The server is physically right next to the router, so distance isn’t an issue. The Balance One is connecting to comcast through static IP settings. The WAN speed setting is on auto (setting it to 1000 didn’t help). I’ve tried MTU settings of auto & the default custom setting - no change. Any advice on settings which might help up the speed?


Appreciate if you can open support ticket at

Thank you.

ok - done. thanks.

It’s been more than 24 hours since I opened the support ticket and no response. What’s the typical turn-around time for contact? Thanks!


Not sure how this ticket was overlooked. Typical turn-around for a response is same day of business hours. A response has been been made regarding the ticket, apologies for the late reply and will be sure to get this resolved for you.

Hi guys, I know it says above that my support ticket was being responded to, but I’ve still not received anything (and yes, I have checked spam). I opened the ticket under this same email as my forum email, in case that helps.

Hey guys. I know it says above that a response to my support ticket was sent, but I still haven’t received anything (not even in spam). Can you please send it again? If it helps, the email I used on my support ticket is the same email I am using on the forum. Thanks!

I am submitted another ticket, as the first was never answered. You have also stopped approving my posts asking for a response and/or help. Please respond. Thanks.


A response was sent originally. Possibly a Spam filter in play? Will send a reply outside of our ticketing system.

I would try another email as a response was sent outside of our ticketing system as well as through it. Most likely there is a SPAM filter setup that is blocking our responses back to you or another underlying issue.

Error message when sending a reply back:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
(Your Email Address)

Technical details of permanent failure:
DNS Error: Domain name not found

I’m looking at the exact same setup. Have you resolved the speed issues?

Hi Appreciate if you can open ticket here if you are facing issue.

Thank you.

Would like to know whether the balance one has issues before buying.

We don’t see any performance issue on Balance One. We do provide 30-Day Return Guarantee upon purchase. Please take note Terms & Conditions applied.