Balance One Setup Help


Just unboxed my Peplink Balance One. On Wan 1 I have my main FTTP circuit and on Wan 2 i have my FTTC circuit that comes across on a point to point from a nearby location. Data and connection wise this all works fine and is nice and fast, please can someone advise/help me on how i best setup so i can see the devices sat on the P2P network on Wan2.

The router range on the P2P network is onwards and so i moved the peplink lan across to to avoid conflicts as there are around 100 devices on the 1.1 system but ideally need them to talk back and forth easily to print, run sonos, cctv review etc etc.

Appreciate anyones help on this for a nice easy fix/setup.

Thanks Matt

You’ll need to force LAN traffic intended for P2P to exit the router via WAN2. You can do that with an outbound rule.

Outbound Policy, set to Custom.
Outbound Policy, new rule. Destination / 24 (or as appropriate subnet), enforced to WAN2.

The rule above gets outbound traffic to WAN2, but traffic on the P2P needs to know how to find its way back. The router on the P2P network will need a static route that says any traffic to goes to the address of the Balance WAN2.

Once the inbound traffic gets to the Balance WAN2, it has to get through the Balance firewall. You’ll need a rule there that is appropriate, depending on the access you desire.

We use a similar layout to isolate video cameras which are constantly streaming data. The server and cameras are on an isolated LAN with a Balance 20. The Balance 20’s WAN port is connected to our primary LAN so the computers on the primary LAN can access the cameras or server as needed.